03 June 2013

Around the Block Baby Quilt

I have been pouring over magazines & books in my stash lately plotting ways to use up my enormous stash of supplies. I came across a super easy Log Cabin quilt that is one giant 52" block. It's from a BH&G magazine called All Small dated 2012. 

Too easy!--Until I spent 2 hours digging through 9 plastic totes to find 17 fabrics for the front, plus enough yardage to cover the back. I was successful, it just took more time than I thought. 

My stash is fairly evenly divided between fat quarters and yardage, which was frustrating on my search. Add to this the absolute disarray my supplies are still in because of the way the movers dumped totes into boxes, I nearly reorganized first!  That project will be what I tackle when my back pain from a pinched nerve or possible herniated disk is gone. 

I ended up piecing some of the fat quarters in order to have the lengths I needed for the "logs". While trying to decide where each fabric should go in the quilt, I took sticky notes and stuck them to the fabric to keep track. As I cut each print, I put the note on my ruler. 

      (Is it time for a new cutting mat?!)

This was a huge help as I have a tendency to pay more attention to my audiobook (currently Outlander) than to the cutting dimensions. I think this pile of stickies will be used again when I make this quilt a second time this weekend!

Here's the first quilt:

Quilt #2 will have to wait--my machine is headed to the shop. As I was half finished quilting this one the timing went out & my needle was hitting the bobbin case. 

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