30 January 2012

Lindsey Dress

Several months ago one of my favorite pattern designers on etsy put out a call for pattern testers. What's a pattern tester, you ask?  The designer sends you a copy of the pattern for you to sew & give feedback. The perk--you get a free pattern, the downside--if you're not quick on replying you miss out.  You also have to work quickly, turn-around is usually 2-4 days after receiving a pattern.

I said yes this time because I knew I had time & materials on hand. I planned to work on it Friday, but ended up sleeping all day because of an all-night birth.  I should remember that everytime I say yes, I end up at a birth!

Anyhow, this adorable little number is heading off to my darling niece in a few days.

Want to know where you can get this (and several other sweet patterns)?  Head over to Brynnberlee Designs!

Fabric stash used:  1.5 yards & 2 buttons.

1 comment:

  1. I love the scalloped hem it is adorable! I'm with you on the downside of pattern testing... turn around time is too short for those of us who have "all night births" to oversee or "Mom, can you watch ____ for a while?" Just keep on, keepin' on Liv! ♥