16 August 2013

A Vintage Sew-a-Long

I found a perfect de-stash project!!!  It combines 2 of my favorite things--cotton fabric and vintage patterns. 

I've been following Lucille's blog for a couple months now.  She makes & wears vintage style clothes.  I didn't realize how many people loved vintage patterns until I accidentally ran across them on etsy 2 years ago.  It's so nice to know that there are others floating around out there with the same interests.  I adore dresses & skirts from the mid-1930s thru the mid-1950s.

Ok, so anyhow, today Lucille announced a sew-a-long using only cotton fabrics and picking an era from 1920s-1970s.  It's a fun challenge, but one I'm excited about.  I can use up a few yards of cotton fabric and I have a dozen or so vintage patterns I could use. 

It didn't take me long to figure out what pattern to use for this challenge.  I've had it for a few months, but haven't sewn it yet.  It's from Decades of Style on etsy.

I know I've bought at least 2 pieces of fabric to make this dress, so I'll probably just sew 2 dresses when I do it.  

I'm off to the Columbia on Saturday for the Quilting & Knitting Expo.  I haven't touched yarn (in a store) in almost a year.  I need to get my fix!  I also need to drop my quilting machine off to have it repaired (the timing is out).

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